System solutions

From customer requirement to VAUTID solution

The first step towards a VAUTID system solution is to analyze the wear situation in detail. Together with face-to-face discussions, a site visit around the plant and viewing worn components enables us to capture valuable information about the wear system.

From the knowledge gained, VAUTID experts develop a solution which takes into account not only the constructional, financial and material requirements, but also operational processes and customer preferences.

As part of this process, we combine the expertise of our VAUTID experts with the latest findings from our in-house laboratory and the knowledge stored in our comprehensive data bank, which represents over 70 years of experience in wear protection. This integrated approach results in a system solution that takes into account every aspect of the customer’s specific needs.

And because of our global reach, we learn something new every day. The VAUTID data bank presently holds more than 10,000 entries. It is continually expanding to accommodate new research findings and field reports. When it comes to defense against wear, VAUTID is always ahead of the pack.