Application engineering

VAUTID fabrication service

From a simple cutting service to complex steel fabrications

VAUTID composite wear plates are available as ready-to-assemble units or as components within complex steel fabrications.

Developed for demanding wear conditions, VAUTID composite armored plates withstand common production processes such as sawing, milling, boring and tapping without difficulty. Also, because of the high-alloy hardfacing layer, special precautions must be taken when welding joints.

For our VAUTID experts, these technical manufacturing issues are a routine matter. Using a fleet of modern machines, they manufacture individual components and serial production parts to the highest quality standards.

VAUTID takes care of components through the entire life cycle of the product
With over 70 years as wear protection pioneers, we at VAUTID support our customers right from the design stage, helping in the cost-efficient design of components, the selection of suitable material combinations, and the development of low-wear geometries.

Taking into account the desired maintenance intervals, VAUTID reduces the expense of replacing worn-out components. We can arrange for parts to be available worldwide — and of course, the quality remains the same. Because of our international network and our desire to remain a leading innovator, VAUTID is always up-to-date with the latest technology, and we evaluate individual parts and assemblies for any unused potential.

Upon request, we can produce technical drawings, exhaustive manufacturing documentation, and test certification. We can also plan and undertake the worldwide shipment of any VAUTID system solution.