Wear plate with smooth, virtually crack-free surface
Abrasion-resistant and resistant to impact loads

This wear plate consists of a base plate coated with the highly wear-resistant hardfacing material VAUTID 800 in a special welding process. The special manufacturing process produces a very smooth surface which, despite its high wear resistance, shows almost no cracks.

Since no weld beads are visible, blanks can be nested very flexibly. The adapted ductility of the welding alloy and the strong bond with the base material ensure that there is no material spalling even with occasional impacts.

Recommended applications:

  • For components exposed to temperatures up to 450°C.
  • Best suited when the conveyed/processed medium easily adheres to surfaces, resulting in material jams or clogging
Wear resistance
Wear resistance VAUTID VVP 800

In abrasive applications, VAUTID 800 extends service life up to a factor of 8 compared to S235JR

Microstructure alloy VAUTID VVP 800

Chromium carbides Cr7C3 2200 HV1

Typical microstructure VAUTID VVP 800
1 Carbide hardness is specified in the [HV] unit (Vickers hardness).

VAUTID material profile:
VAUTID VVP Verbundplatten/Composite wear plates
VAUTID Composite wear plates
VAUTID material profile

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