Energy management at VAUTID

Energy management at VAUTID

Raising awareness of energy and environmental issues – VAUTID proves its green credentials

Following a successful recent appraisal, VAUTID GmbH has again renewed its accreditation to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011. One of the central planks of the audit process is an assessment of the company´s energy management systems.

It was in this context that the VAUTID Energy Team launched an initiative. The aim was to increase understanding and raise awareness among staff regarding the most significant energy-consuming processes in each area of the business, and to show how these can be influenced. In addition, opportunities were identified across the company that will lead to sustainable savings and reductions in demand.

Information was presented on a range of topics, including the different types of energy used in the business and how these are used, together with details of cost trends over recent years. All staff are encouraged to play their part in continuing to develop the energy goals that have been set, and to support their colleagues in the Energy Team by submitting suggestions for improvement.

As part of its energy policy, VAUTID is committed to reducing the company´s energy comsumption over the long term and to raising its energy efficiency through a program of continuous improvement. The intention is that, through effective communication at all levels of the business, staff get to understand and absorb the energy goals that have been set. This means they can support related activities through their active participation.

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